Timely Helpdesk

What is Arakÿta ÿDesk?

ÿDesk provides technical support via phone and online chat for computer software, hardware/peripherals, connectivity and networking issues for many common brands of computers, tablets and smartphones. No more trying to decide which software or hardware vendor to contact for support, or wasting hours trying to research answers to technical computing problems that distract from your business. Just show our technicians your problem and, with your permission, our certified technicians can temporarily access your computer to remotely diagnose and resolve issues in a highly secure support session. Arakÿta knows you need technical expertise for your whole office – so we provide certified professionals who are proficient in supporting a wide variety of products using operating systems from Microsoft, Apple and Android. You can even get help with many common sync and file sharing issues with tablets and smartphones! We can also assist with issues that sometimes occur while trying to sync files between devices, or across operating system platforms. This way, you keep your focus on running your business and don’t get distracted with technical issues.

What is the ÿDesk number to call for support?

419-842-8410 or 833-721-2052

What are the benefits of using ÿDesk?

ÿDesk can help you avoid wasteful and frustrating computer downtime. Ever had a software “how to” question you were sure was easy to solve if only you knew someone to call for help? ÿDesk is here for that purpose. Keep your focus on running your business and don’t get distracted with technical issues. When trouble arises, call us, and we can troubleshoot typical hardware and software problems. Our ÿDesk technicians can access your computer remotely to diagnose and resolve issues. Since ÿDesk is part of your ÿSphere subscription, now you can also benefit from a managed device experience.  ÿDesk covers your PC and handheld, as well as various software, as defined on the “Supported Products” page, all in one place and on one monthly bill.

What is “online support” or “remote support”?

Online computer and technical support, also known as “remote support”, allows our certified ÿDesk agents to remotely view your computer screen and securely fix many typical problems with computers and networks, as well as other supported mobile devices.

Technical support is made easier by allowing you to simply show our ÿDesk technicians where you want help. This type of remote support works through desktop sharing technology. When you log into our secure online ÿDesk, you can allow our certified technology experts to view and interact with your computer remotely via the Internet – fixing problems and setting up new technology fast. Sometimes, it feels like watching your computer fix itself!

The security of your business matters to Arakÿta – so we make sure you control your remote support session. Our ÿDesk agents can only temporarily access your computer, only with your permission, and only during your secure Internet session. At all times you will be able to see and monitor your technical support session.

What is “ÿSphere Remote Management”?

In many cases you are not aware of potential PC issues. Now, with ÿSphere Remote Management you can resolve potential issues before they slow you down. After you have been on-boarded to the ÿDesk service, call us and schedule the most convenient time for our agents to call you to diagnose your systems or perform various other tasks such as a system tune-up, ensure security settings are up to date or provide consultation on data migration for your new system. ÿSphere Remote Management is already part of your ÿSphere Service, so there are no extra costs.

Can you repair my equipment?

If your hardware is truly broken or needs replacement, our technicians do provide repair services at our current hourly repair rate. Your device will need to be shipped to us at your expense. We will evaluate the device and provide an estimate for repair. Also, we have a loaner program, if needed, while we repair your device. Furthermore, our technicians take two important steps to ensure you are confident in defining a plan to get you back to business faster:

  • We can remotely help assess and fix software problems, which can sometimes avoid repair altogether.
  • Our ÿDesk technicians will provide expert remote troubleshooting for hardware and connectivity issues and provide you with the right information for repair plans. Since our ÿDesk technicians do not sell repair services, you can be sure we did everything we could to fix your problem remotely, and confident that we provided you with unbiased technical recommendations on what to do next. If we cannot fix your problem remotely because your hardware is broken and it needs repair or replacement, you do not need to waste more time. We will help connect you to the relevant hardware vendor, in order to provide you with the right support solutions available.

How do I get help?

ÿDesk allows you to call during your coverage term as often as reasonably needed. For non-technical business users, it’s like having their own IT help desk ready on the phone to give technical advice. The program gives you peace of mind knowing you can call as needed.

How many devices are supported under ÿDesk?

Each one user ÿDesk plan provides support for one (1) user and five devices (5) such as a computer, laptop or tablet. You will need to register the products you wish to have covered, and have a single contact name for each plan.

How often can I call ÿDesk for service?

With ÿDesk, you can call as often as you need under the defined scope of support. “Unlimited” support is defined as support for a single user and specific issues defined in the service description. If excessive use or abuse is detected, customer will be notified and access to service may be restricted or terminated. Use of the service for illegal or inappropriate activities may also result in termination. Please see the Master Service Agreement for more information.

What happens if we get interrupted during a ÿDesk session?

Our ÿDesk technicians are specially trained to work with businesses—they understand that from time to time, interruptions are inevitable. Your agent will work out a plan with you on the phone that may include getting your permission to continue working in the remote session, or wait for you to instant message if the session can resume shortly, or arrange a call-back appointment later that day or on a different day as you prefer. If a follow-up appointment is made, a follow-up email will confirm the new call-back date and time.

What happens if a customer interrupts a support session?

At Arakÿta, we understand your business is priority number one. If you need to interrupt a session, or if it is taking longer than anticipated, we will schedule a call-back time. To make your time efficient, we often research a complex problem and then follow-up via chat, call, or reschedule meeting to finish the technical help session when you have time. With your permission, remote desktop sharing can also allow you to work on other things or support your customers while our ÿDesk agent works on your support session.

What are the ÿDesk hours of operation?

ÿDesk call center agents are available 12 hours a day, from 8 a.m.–8 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday for technical assistance.

Is it easy to use?

By allowing a remote technician to access your computer through the Internet we are able to perform work on your computer directly. You can simply sit back and watch. Or, you can work on something else while the technician is fixing your computer. Remote computer support is simple, convenient and, best of all, it’s “hands-free”. Simply call the ÿDesk line, initiate a secure desktop sharing session with our technician, and then let go of the mouse and let us help you.

How long does an average support session last?

Online support sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to much longer, depending on the type of help you need. In some cases, a computer may need a comprehensive tune-up, such as with a severe case of spyware which can take over an hour. In other situations, you may be looking for quick set up and support for a new scanner. These sessions may be as short as 30 minutes. For simple problems, like locating a lost file or fixing an email problem, you can typically get help in as little as 15 minutes.

Can you get back into my computer after my session is over?

No, not unless you log in again and request service to resume. When you log into ÿDesk’s secure online sharing tools, you are prompted to authorize access to the desktop sharing application and supporting tools that allow us to view and interact with your computer. However, once your remote session is complete and the agent logs off, the temporary authorization is revoked from your system. We can no longer access your computer.

Is it secure?

We use a 256-bit encrypted connection between your computer and the technician’s computer. This sets up a unique one-to-one session that prevents others from viewing or accessing the session. In addition, you are in control—only you can initiate a remote support session, and you can end a session anytime by simply closing the support window on your desktop. Also, you are always in control of your mouse (cursor). During your session you will see the technician using your cursor to locate and fix problems, but at any time you can over-ride mouse control by simply moving your mouse.

Are your technicians qualified to work on my computer?

Our computer technicians are Microsoft application and product specialists and full stack developers. Every technician has extensive multi-brand PC and technology experience, is pre-qualified, has extensive experience in a help desk environment, and completes an extensive training course on excellent service delivery and the virtual interface. Additionally, we provide training specifically on supporting business customers, including business software and security needs. With ÿDesk, you’re in good hands!

Do ÿDesk technicians understand my business environment?

In addition to technical certification, our agents are trained specifically for our business program and our ÿDesk professionals are based in the United States. Our ÿDesk agents are specifically trained to provide business support, and specialize in handling business scenarios, security, and technical issues.

Where are ÿDesk technicians based?

United States

How do I know if you support the software I use most often at my business?

Our “Supported Products” page is where you can find a detailed list of software you can expect to get good technical advice for. We provide full application support for Microsoft Office Suite. If you are calling about a Major Database or Line of Business Application, we do require you to have a current support agreement in place with the manufacturer. Customization of these applications from one small business to another is significantly complex and may require specialized technical support above and beyond what ÿDesk can provide. But you will get an assessment from ÿDesk on whether the problem can be solved, and what kind of request you might need to make of technical support for more complex issues requiring programming or software break-fix support. We can help make sure most business applications are running properly on an approved operating system, and we can provide “how to” assistance for many operating system common functionalities. But advanced support specific to a software product may also require the manufacturer’s expertise. Similarly, for “Cloud” based solutions and apps, we can provide technical ÿDesk troubleshooting and support, so you know what steps you need to take to follow-through with issues requiring the cloud provider’s support. In summary, although we have a list of common software applications we support, many small businesses customize their applications. Our ÿDesk technicians can still help your business staff with common platform usability questions (such as, exporting, importing, formatting, file issues, security questions) and will help your staff identify when to escalate and how to describe the issue to technical staff trained specifically in customized business applications. Software and applications change all the time—if you have a specific question about coverage for a specific software application, call the ÿDesk to discuss details with a technical agent.

Is ÿDesk just for problems or can it help me with installing new software or networks?

ÿDesk can help with technology problems including help with installing new software or with non-domain joined network configuration.

What if I am having trouble with a special software program our business uses that has been specifically designed for my industry needs?

Although we have a list of common software applications we support, many small businesses use software specifically for their industry (construction, architecture, finance, etc.). Even though these applications may be unique—they often have many functionalities that are common to their Microsoft®, Apple, or Android™ platform. Our ÿDesk technicians can help your business staff with common platform usability questions (such as, exporting, importing, formatting, file issues, security questions) and will help your staff identify when to escalate and how to describe the issue to technical staff trained specifically in customized business applications. If you have a specific question about coverage scope for a specific software application, discuss the details with one of our technical agents.

What if my business uses software that has been custom modified or configured for our business?

Many small businesses customize their applications with unique business-specific programming, even in common software applications. Even though these applications may be unique, they often have many functionalities that are common to their Microsoft®, Apple, or Android™ platform. Our ÿDesk technicians can help your business staff with common software usability questions and will also help your staff identify when to escalate and how to describe the issue to technical staff trained specifically in customized business applications. If you have a specific question about coverage scope for a specific software application, discuss the details with one of our technical agents.

Why do I have to check the website for coverage changes?

An important part of using your computing equipment is using your software effectively, and software can change quickly. We update our website as needed to keep you appraised of the latest software coverage scope. The website information is to help you see what is covered as new software rolls out. If you have a specific question about specific coverage scope, discuss the details with one of our technical agents

I am having problems with a new computer I recently purchased. Will ÿDesk handle warranty problems?

If you have a new computer in warranty, it is to your benefit to first attempt to use any warranty service offered by your hardware or software manufacturer, as these services are typically offered free of charge for a specific period of time, and you could void your warranty by not following terms. Our ÿDesk agents will assist with troubleshooting but they are not a repair desk. A warranty can help if your new equipment needs repair. However, if you are having an issue using your computer or software that is not related to warranty—such as syncing a device, setting up licensed business software, or setting up new templates—then our ÿDesk agents can help.

Can ÿDesk teach me how to use my computer?

ÿDesk technicians can provide basic instruction on use of software, and specific features of your computer, but we are here as technical consultants and our services do not replace in-depth training programs. Our ÿDesk training is limited to “how to” questions on commercially available applications or peripherals. We do not provide in-depth training on how to write formulas or build a PowerPoint but rather directional assistance to move forward in a program so your employees can get quick answers to specific usability questions. We do however have a growing knowledgebase that does provide further help. This is available through our Arakyta ÿDesk Portal. Please ask your technical consultant how to access it.

What will I be expected to know about computers to use ÿDesk?

Our technicians are trained and available to assist users with all levels of computer knowledge. If you prefer, you can show us in a remote sharing session what the problem is, and we’ll help from there. Just tell us what your question is in your own words and leave the troubleshooting to us.

How do I get help from ÿDesk?

ÿDesk is available 12 hours a day, from 8 a.m.–8 p.m. (EST), Monday through Friday by phone, email (help@arakyta.com) or the ÿDesk Portal. Please go to our main page at arakyta.com for a link to the ÿDesk Portal or the phone number you should use to contact us. Once we are in a call, we can initiate a remote desktop sharing session which may include chat. We may send you occasional emails if we have scheduled a call-back appointment with you. Use whichever method is easiest for you when need help, but if it is an emergency, please use the phone method.

Do my part-time employees need their own plan when they only work a few hours a week?

These types of considerations would need to be addressed on a case by case basis. Please call Arakÿta for a specialized quote.

What type of response time can I expect from ÿDesk?

ÿDesk will use the following guidelines in prioritizing requests and will strive to resolve the problem within the target timeframe. Actual resolutions may be shorter or longer depending on the volume of requests at any one time. However, a minimum of 90% of all requests will be satisfied within the target period.

Priority Criteria Response Time Completion Time


Affects more than five people; or is mission critical and there is no workaround available.

Examples:Total network failure, entire office down with no non-technical backup, executive admin staff has no access, etc.

Within 30 minutes

Within 4 hours or as advised by software vendor support staff.


Affects fewer than five people, no workaround available. Example: Computer with critical data won’t boot

Within 1 hour

Within 8 hours


Affects fewer than five people, workarounds available. Setup or modification of user accounts (AD, Email or SharePoint) Example: Can’t check e-mail from one computer, but could use Office.com Webmail from another computer.

Within 4 hours

Within 2 working days


No effect on productivity, or unsupported software.A service request that does not require immediate attention or involves long range planning. Examples: Monitor showing b/w instead of color. PC has no sound.

Within 2 working days

Within 4 working days