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Virtual Chief Information Officer Services

A Chief Information Officer or CIO is an essential part of a business’s IT strategy. With companies being more dependent on IT infrastructure than ever, CIOs have their job cut out for them. A virtual chief information officer (VCIO) is a holistic solution developed to provide your business with C-Level experience to move your technology and business goals forward on time and in budget.

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What is a vCIO?

A chief information officer (CIO) is responsible for leveraging technology to bolster business success. For the CIO to achieve their goals, according to Harvard Business Review, they must meet the key challenge of “balancing business innovation and operational excellence.” A CIO is vital to your company’s success. Unfortunately, given the high cost of employing an IT executive and other factors, many companies simply do not have the option to employ a CIO.  This is where a VCIO enters the picture. 

VCIOs are external parties–not in-house executives–that provide key IT services and network management for companies, usually small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Under their guidance, the company will proactively recognize and deal with threats to their IT infrastructure. A vCIO can add an experienced voice to a business’s IT considerations and guide them through critical acquisitions that they may need to remain competitive in a global industry.

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How Can a vCIO Help Your Business?

At Arakÿta, our vCIO service can be a priceless resource for a business because of our expertise in several areas:

Common vCIO Duties Include: 

Strategy & Development

IT Planning & Strategy

A vCIO is an integral part of any business, not just because of their management skills but because of practical reasons. A vCIO allows for long-term IT planning and strategy development. With a dedicated plan implemented, the company has direction and goals to meet in the IT sphere. Additionally, the vCIO will better advise management on how to replace their outdated tech. New tech should serve the purpose of old tech and bring added accessibility and usability to the employees.

Cost Savings

Benefits of Having a vCIO

Having a vCIO might seem like an expense to some companies, but it’s still less costly than hiring an in-house expert. These vCIOs also come with their own benefits, such as:

  • Cost Reduction: First and foremost, the biggest benefit is cost. The CIO is a common position for large companies; however, their salary requirements often make bringing one on at a non-tech SMB prohibitive. According to PayScale, the average salary of a CIO exceeds $185,000. By bringing on a VCIO from Arakyta, companies can save a lot on IT services over the course of the year–while still getting all the support they need. 
  • IT Expertise: Having spent years in the industry, they are well-suited to deal with anything the company may face on the IT front. As lots of expert research has found, there is an ongoing skills gap in the tech sector which
  • Simplify Hiring: Hiring the right CIO is time-consuming, expensive, and difficult. Using a VCIO moves your business forward with greater flexibility and less restrictions. 
  • Network Security: A constant arms race that is network security needs a professional that knows the ropes and can treat with any activity they encounter.

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Arakÿta is one of the leading providers of vCIO services around. We’ve consulted with some of the biggest names worldwide on adding and upgrading to cutting-edge technology, applying a combined knowledge of fifty years to the task. Our vCIOs are knowledgeable, reliable, and results-oriented. We won’t beat around the bush with you but will tell you precisely what needs to be done and when it needs to happen. We do this because we’re dedicated to seeing our clients succeed. If you’re interested in experiencing what virtual CIO services should be, give us a call today. We’ll be glad to send a consultant over to diagnose and solve your issues.

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