More efficient processes equals more output

Optimization of Processes

By consistently aligning your technology and your team’s capabilities with your goals, your organization becomes more efficient, structured and result-oriented.


Technology alignment process

Changing software (and/or hardware) might sting operationally for a day or two, but one day of training can deliver years of efficiency gain.

Proof of ROI

Get started

Do you see the need to improve, but want to verify potential value before committing to anything? Consider having us analyzing your current state of affairs.

Software & workflows

We train staff, suggest new processes (such as ERP’s, CRM’s and more), optimize infrastructure and ensure that you leverage today’s technology as much as possible.

Consult with a dedicated CIO

Every quarter, we assess the impact of our partnership. We discuss past performance and evaluate our technology reports. Similarly, we plan for the future and discuss alignment practices.
“We are always excited
for the next meeting”

Key benefits are:


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) trumps Google Solutions for business operations. We are specialists and can train your staff to maximize their productivity using these tools.

"I highly recommend Arakyta to anyone looking to outsource their technology needs."

Danielle Delongchamp, Chief Operating Officer, Concorde Investment Services