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Arakÿta is a company that helps its clients meet the rigorous challenges of CMMC compliance. Our experts in regulation, governance, and compliance have aided hundreds of contractors to meet the requirements set forth by the Department of Defense (DoD).

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What is CMMC?

Compliance is one of the underpinnings of landing government contracts. The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) was designed to ensure that businesses have a cybersecurity system and contingency measures that address today’s threats. With over 300,000 defense contractors in its database, only those that are fully CMMC compliant can hope to be contracted for work. Unfortunately, the rules regarding CMMC compliance, what works, and what doesn’t, aren’t that clear.

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DoD Requirements

CMMC Standards

The DoD implemented the CMMC to manage cybersecurity across the vast network of its contractors and subcontractors. Cybersecurity is the new version of the international arms race. Threats evolve almost daily, and having the right tools and contingencies to deal with them is a core part of CMMC compliance. Government contractors that liaise with the DoD require CMMC compliance to be considered for contracts to ensure a business’ components and network infrastructure meet the standards required to keep the government’s data safe.

CMMC remains a complicated undertaking for an organization. Like many other standards, CMMC requires constant updating because of cyber threats. Since the CMMC has so many components, taking full advantage of it and meeting its compliance audits requires understanding the framework. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to do so without proper guidance.


How Arakÿta Can Prepare Your Business For CMMC Compliance

Naturally, CMMC compliance requires planning since it’s such a complex undertaking. Arakÿta offers several important support frameworks to our clients, including:

  • Assessment: What does your cybersecurity infrastructure have, and where are its weaknesses? The assessment gives you a basic idea of what you need to work on to achieve compliance.
  • Review Systems: How efficient are your systems? What contingency plans are in place for a breach? This review is a critical examination of the existing systems with suggestions for improvement.
  • Optimize Systems: Once suggestions for improvement have been undertaken, we can review how those improvements affect the cybersecurity system. If more changes need to be made, we can suggest them now.
  • Ensure Compliance: An external audit done by Arakÿta can highlight other issues you have and get you started improving your CMMC certification level. There are five levels of certification, and we can guide you through each one.
  • Review Security: Is your cybersecurity robust enough to deal with the current threats to your data? How often do you roll out new patches and updates? All of these are core questions we will examine in our security review.
  • Incident Response: Nothing is perfect, and a dedicated intruder can break into even the most secure systems. Contingency measures exist in case this happens. Our incident response team can help develop secure methods of repelling attackers and ensuring they have difficulty getting your protected data.


Importance of CMMC Compliance

CMMC compliance is essential for several reasons, the chief of which is that it enables a business to compete against other contractors in bidding for government contracts. However, it offers several other benefits aside from this obvious one, including:

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There are many choices for CMMC consultants around. What sets us apart? Our team has over fifty combined years in cybersecurity. Our knowledgeable and reliable staff can offer you insight that others simply can’t. We utilize cutting-edge technology to inform our methods and suggestions, ensuring that you benefit from emerging technologies in your cybersecurity rollout. Our up-front attitude and results-oriented nature mean we don’t mislead you, and we always get the job done. Arakÿta is dedicated to client success. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and our CMMC certification training program. You owe it to your business to choose the best.

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