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Reduced Vulnerability

As more businesses transition their operations online, they’re exposed to greater cyberattack risks from sophisticated hackers and cybercriminals. Data from the FBI shows that the number of cyber incidents reported annually has hit an all-time high, with 847,376 cases reported in 2021.

Cybersecurity is now an essential part of running modern businesses. However, not all enterprises have the resources to hire a fully-equipped cybersecurity team to monitor and protect their IT systems.

That’s why you need a security operations center (SOC) service. Arakyta ÿSOC allows your business to have fully managed and protected IT systems 24/7, reducing its vulnerability to attacks and facilitating faster response to cyberattacks.

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What is a SOC?

A security operations center (SOC) is a team of cybersecurity experts who proactively monitor an organization’s IT systems, ensuring they operate securely.

Conventionally, a SOC refers to a room where SOC analysts work together. Previously, this was the case. However, with technological advancements and the rise of as-a-service business models, SOCs are no longer physical rooms housed in organization offices.

Instead, a modern SOC team operates remotely, distributed globally. The SOC is predominantly offered as a service that provides essential security functions to your organization affordably and conveniently.

At Arakyta, we provide SOC services through a distributed remote team of cybersecurity experts to ensure your IT services are monitored and protected 24/7 from sophisticated cyberattacks.

Ongoing Protection

Why Does Your Business Need a Managed SOC?

According to research, cybersecurity measures put in place by governments and businesses are increasingly being rendered obsolete by the growing sophistication of cybercriminals. Therefore, businesses face new cybersecurity challenges, necessitating outsourcing their cybersecurity needs.

These challenges include the following:

Our Services

What SOC Services Do We Offer?

At Arakyta, we offer 24/7 fully managed SOC services that leverage an advanced threat monitoring platform to detect suspicious and malicious activity within your organization’s IT network and systems.

Our services, dubbed ÿSOC, monitors the three critical attack vectors that include your network, endpoint, and cloud.

We have an elite team of security experts and veterans who proactively hunt and investigate cybersecurity threats across all systems, ensuring you’re not susceptible to attacks and can recover quickly if a hacker manages to penetrate your systems.

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Benefits of Working with Arakÿta

Comprehensive Threat Analysis

Our cybersecurity experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of your cybersecurity detection systems, including log information, to accurately assess the legitimacy of various cyber threats.

24/7 Protection
Our team works round the clock to ensure your systems are protected from cyber attackers any time of the day.

Customized Approach to Cybersecurity

Every organization has different cybersecurity needs. We can tailor our services to offer the exact suite of cybersecurity solutions you need while ensuring total compliance with data privacy and protection laws.

Cost Savings

Working with us will save you money from hiring a fully-equipped in-house SOC team and hefty legal fines for non-compliance and damaging cyberattacks. Therefore, you can redirect your capital to other revenue-generating ventures.

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