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Manufacturing IT Solutions

Manufacturing is a sector that comes attached with countless analytical and logistical challenges. Arakÿta’s managed IT services help businesses save money and optimize their security.

Managed IT

IT for Manufacturing

Managed IT for manufacturing helps businesses save money by ensuring the best possible optimization of the overall operation and preventing catastrophic disasters that sprout from a damaged cybersecurity system.

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Save Time

Management & Logistics

Our managed IT services save manufacturing companies tons of time by making management and logistics effortless and faster. Arakÿta’s managed IT software is the IT holy grail that helps businesses:

  • Assist manufacturing in untangling product-related complexities to boost responsiveness to users’ needs.
  • From field sales to logistics – offer real-time manufacturing operations.
  • Craft a robust framework to help streamline all the tasks across marketing, operations, sales, and customer support.
  • Transform organizations by helping them deploy cutting-edge digital technologies, drive revenue, and offer performance-based services.
  • Construct smarter supply chains, maintain consistent business innovation, and revamp current manufacturing systems for the highest possible efficiency.
  • Help businesses make smart manufacturing decisions, shoot up their productivity, enhance product quality, and construct intelligent ecosystems.

What We Offer

Maximize Productivity

Managed IT Solutions

When it comes to reaching maximum productivity, companies need the power of automation and insight. Arakÿta’s managed IT solutions help businesses optimize the way they operate to ensure maximum efficiency, compliance, and detect and avert disastrous cyber threats before they hit the company.

It helps cut down costs, enhance the quality of products and services, and help the company’s internal teams free up their time to focus on other important areas of business.

By using its extensive expertise and cutting-edge innovation, Arakÿta translates complex, time-consuming, and risk-prone tasks to simpler and much faster management and logistics. The result? Businesses save a ton of time to shift their focus on reaching their strategic goals. 

National Institute of Standards & Technology

NIST Consulting

Managing privacy concerns and data security is another IT arena businesses struggle to master. Arakÿta’s NIST Risk Management Framework puts a detailed, customizable, repeatable, and trackable process that helps seal any risk associated with information and privacy management. It also helps businesses “stick” to NIST guidelines and standards to ensure the implementation of their risk management programs adheres to what the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) requires.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

CMMC Consulting

Compliance is a critical factor when it comes to acquiring any government contracts. With Arakÿta’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), you can ensure your business strictly adheres to the requirement of contingency measures and a cybersecurity system for addressing any cyber threat that lands on the company’s horizon.

When it comes to rules surrounding CMMC compliance, it’s typically difficult to detect what works and what doesn’t. This is where Arakÿta helps companies push past all CMMC compliance challenges. With the help of our experts in compliance, regulation, and governance, we have helped contractors adhere to every requirement outlined by the Department of Defense (DoD).

Virtual Chief Information Officer


A CIO or a Chief Information Officer is a critical building block of a company’s IT strategy. With businesses now leaning more than ever on IT infrastructure, CIOs focus their entire attention on this area. When it comes to helping companies with C-Level experience achieve their technology milestones within a specific time and budget, the role of a virtual chief information officer (VCIO) takes the limelight.

vCIOs come armed with high-level management and practical skills to deal with long-term IT planning and crafting strategy. vCIOs help management understand the process of replacing their old technology with the one that brings real results. They help create a winning plan that offers companies a smooth path to reach their IT goals.  

Stay Engaged

Digital Signage

Infusing your manufacturing plant with Arakÿta’s digital signage brings the knowledge of real-time data associated with several valuable things – inventory management, production metrics, company performance, and product quality reports among many others.

Employers can display KPIs or Key Performance Indicators in the form of graphs and charts. These KPIs offer valuable data in a visually appealing manner and update automatically. When employees get to track their development, productivity and morale in the workplace shoot up.

Simplify Operations

Warehouse Management

Arakÿta’s warehouse management solution helps manufacturers plan and manage all their resources by ensuring staffing solutions are “just right” to achieve maximum productivity and the smoothest operations.

For instance, a company’s manufacturing unit followed the practice of stacking their boxes 50 ft in the air. Due to this, they struggled to mark the boxes with the right bar codes.

To solve this issue, Arakÿta helped the company create bar code guns that would have the ability to shoot the bar codes to a height of over 50 ft, helping the company simplify the barcoding process

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Why Choose Arakÿta

At Arakÿta, we understand how innovation is the future of global manufacturing. We help companies take the efficiency of their systems up a notch and streamline their manufacturing frameworks through our managed IT solutions for manufacturers.

With over 50 combined years in cutting-edge technology surrounding IT solutions, we understand the unique needs every manufacturing company needs and offer a tailor-made solution that brings “real” results.

Our result-oriented mindset combined with our up-front attitude helps us “get the job done” in the most efficient manner. We operate with just one goal in mind: your success.

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