Three Common cybersecurity threats to Midwest manufacturers

Midwest manufacturers face many cybersecurity threats. Arakyta can help you safeguard your operations.

"Manufacturers in the Midwest lost an average of $2.8 million per breach in 2022."

 TOLEDO, Oh, September 2023 /Arakyta/ — Midwest manufacturers face many cybersecurity threats, but three common threats require action: human error, interconnected systems vulnerabilities, and failure to address security patches promptly.

These risks can disrupt production and lead to financial loss.

Read on to learn more about how Arakyta can help you safeguard your operations and protect against the ever-evolving landscape of online threats.

Human error tops the list as the leading cause of cybersecurity breaches. Manufacturers are particularly vulnerable due to their large workforces with varying IT knowledge and experience. Phishing attacks represent the most common method by which these breaches occur. An employee receives an email that appears legitimate, but by clicking the link, they unwittingly open the door, allowing malware, including ransomware, to be installed on their computers or for attackers to steal their credentials. Ransomware attacks can devastate manufacturers, disrupting production lines and leading to financial losses.

Weaknesses in interconnected systems used by manufacturers often leave businesses vulnerable. Failing to track the potential security risks across their complex network and regularly updating software and hardware can cause significant disruptions to production.

Failing to install security patches promptly leaves systems vulnerable to attacks, including supply chain attacks, when cybercriminals breach third-party vendors that manufacturers use. Once a third-party vendor is compromised, attackers can access the manufacturer’s network and systems. Another vulnerability is the Internet of Things (IoT); these internet-connected devices are often used in manufacturing environments to control and monitor equipment.

The cost of cyberattacks for manufacturers in the Midwest can be significant. A study by the Manufacture Leadership Council found that manufacturers in the Midwest lost an average of $2.8 million per breach in 2022.

Arakyta can help manufacturers in the Midwest improve their cybersecurity by providing managed security services that include 24/7 security monitoring and response, as well as expertise in the latest cybersecurity threats and technologies.

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